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Serving Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and the surrounding Orange County area.



Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we are privileged to be able to work with amazing people from all walks and stages of life.

As part of our promise we are committed to helping you attain your goals and dreams and more importantly creating an everlasting relationship.


We will always be here for you. Below are a few comments from some of the wonderful clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

There's No Place Like SOLD!

"We have used Julie to buy and sell real estate. She is a fantastic Realtor. There is nobody who works harder to get a deal done. With multiple offers placed she has always managed to convince them to pick ours. Julie is very knowledgeable, experienced and cares about her clients. If you are looking for a very dedicated Realtor Julie is that person."

Sarah and Dave T.

"Julie was my real estate agent for my condo and then for the house I purchased. She was truly great to work with. I wanted someone who I can trust like Julie with such a big purchase and financial decision. She was always available when I would call her for questions and to look at houses. I would call her last minute to look at a house and she would always come through that day. She really knows how to talk to other agents and get information she needs.

She wrote two nice letters to previous owners with an offer; first for me when I was single and then a letter about my husband and I. The letter was nice information about us and a picture included. I felt that really helped add the extra touch to a sale. It is nice to work with someone who loves what they do. Julie loves looking at houses and has great advice on what to choose that is right for you. I couldn't be happier with both of my purchases!

I thank Julie for finding the perfect home for us!"

Amy K.

"Julie is the most patient Realtor anyone can find. She helped me search for my next home until I found the home I liked. Julie aggressively negotiated the terms for the purchase and followed the process to the end when she handed me the keys.

I can't imagine ever using another Realtor."

John W.

"I've known Julie for many years, but the first time we worked together was back in 2012 when my boyfriend, now husband, was looking to buy his first condo. Being a first time buyer, he didn't know too much about the process, but Julie made it as easy as it could be. She took us to see many homes, looked tirelessly to find the perfect place, and explained to him everything that goes into buying a home - which turned out to be a little more than he was ready to commit to.


After a month or so of looking, we decided to call off the search.

Not only was Julie extremely kind, but she was very supportive of the decision and reiterated what a big deal buying a home is, and that she would be there whenever we decided we were finally ready. Flash forward to 4 years later - We got married and decided we wanted to do the whole house hunt thing once again. Julie, of course, was our first call - and we couldn't be any more pleased with our experience. We started with a budget and an area in which we wanted to buy. After searching for a few weeks, we completely changed our budget, location, and home type (originally wanted a single family and then moved to a condo). Even though Julie had been working extremely hard to find us houses that fit our initial criteria, she didn't even bat an eye when we completely flipped the script on her. Not even two weeks after we changed direction, we went into escrow on what is now the home of our dreams. I can't imagine having gone through this buying experience without Julie. She is so knowledgeable on every single aspect of the process - she was our crutch every step of the way.


We are so thankful for her kind heart, flexible attitude, and gracious guidance.

She knows real estate like the back of her hand and I wouldn't trust anyone else with such a special and important decision. Thanks, Julie, for being such a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you again some day!"

Melanie & Evan D.

"Julie is an experienced Realtor with the ability to listen and deliver upon our wish list and within budget, which was important to us.  She truly cares about finding her clients what they want.  When we were looking for houses it felt like we were searching with a friend who had our best interests always at heart.  We enjoyed working with Julie a few years ago when we purchased our first home.  Now, that we again have our eye on the market, we look forward to working with Julie again to sell our home and find another one that suits our family's needs.

Julie is responsive and was always available to us when we needed her.

We have and will continue to recommend Julie!"

Scarlette R. and Rachel B.

"I was a first time homebuyer who learned just how important it is to have a real estate agent in your corner who is willing to step up and fight for what's right if and when issues arise. Julie is that agent. It was a hot market when I bought my home. After some searching and heavy negotiation we landed a great townhome in a really nice area of Costa Mesa. It was a bit of a fixer but the price was right. Upon closing I began renovations and came across some repairs that were the HOA's responsibility. I submitted my request and of course they didn't want to pay for it. Even though our transaction was over Julie stepped up to help me get this resolved. She looked for a solution and even rallied the seller's agent to join her in attending the HOA meeting with me. Our unified appearance along with the proof of responsibility she found after hours of scouring through the CC&R's put an end to our fight.

The HOA made all of the repairs shortly thereafter. Julie is very knowledgeable and very proactive when it comes to getting things done for her clients.

When I'm ready to move up I plan on having her by my side."

Tom W. 

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